Tip Tuesday: Up The Creek Without A Paddle

A wooden paddle from around 6.200 B.C. - Credit: WikipediaThe paddle is a useful and ancient tool. Since the beginning of boating history, we've used paddles to propel us forward in windless waters. 

 It is comprised of a shaft and a blade and different styles have been designed for distinct boating vessels like kayaks or canoes. You might notice that most paddles will have a bright blade, this is to help with visibility in poor conditions. 

Despite the variations, a paddle is a tool every boating enthusiast should have on their boat. Some states require you to carry at least one paddle on your boat in case your boat stops running. 

FatBoysH2o.com offers a telescoping paddle with a nylon bag. The paddle will extend up to 45 inches and stow in only 20 inches, convenient for small storage spaces. 

In addition we offer wooden paddles, and a telescoping paddle with hook.

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